Many of ACM's students come with a desire to volunteer in the local community of Aix-en-Provence while enrolled in their program. The benefits of volunteering are similar in France and the U.S. However, volunteer work in the context of a completely different culture and language offers fresh rewards and gratification.  Most volunteer opportunities are only offered during the fall and spring semesters unless otherwise noted.

Former ACM students in Aix have volunteered by:

  • Helping middle school children with English at the Secours Catholique
  • Helping students who have failed the BAC and are trying again with their English at the Association AREFP
  • Going into Elementary school classrooms (with teacher present) and speaking to the children in English
  • Olive picking
  • Olive tree trimming
  • Planting and trimming new re-planted trees on Mt. Ste Victoire
Olive Picking