ACM is now accepting applications for entry into its MBA program starting in the Fall 2024 semester. This is a one-year, multi-country MBA where the academic experience will take students across ACM's Centers in Barcelona, Spain; Morocco, and Aix-en-Provence, France. 

The MBA at ACM is a 41 credit-hour, one-year, multi-country master’s degree leveraging ACM’s strategic location in Southern Europe. The program builds on the historic academic tradition of the Institute for American Universities (IAU), the study abroad institute of ACM, as one of the first American institutions abroad to prepare those aspiring to careers in international business and diplomacy.

Program Highlights
Fall Semester - Barcelona, Spain 
J-Term (January)- Tangier, Morocco
Spring Semester: Aix-en-Provence, France
Summer: Internship in Europe or in the US with advisor recommendation

With its principal campus in Aix-en-Provence, France, and satellite campuses and programs in Spain and Morocco, ACM is well positioned to prepare students for the many challenges of the global economy today with an emphasis on Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. 

*Courses and curriculum are currently being finalized but will follow the model presented below. 

Students will specialize in one of the following four tracks:

  • Global Wine Studies
  • Mediterranean Business Studies
  • Global Management
  • Global Marketing

Advantages of the ACM MBA
- The program's emphasis on different locations (Spain, Morocco, and France) for each term is unique and provides a rich international experience.
- The core courses and electives are designed to cater to global business and management skills, aligning well with our unique perspective in the Mediterranean and our specializations in marketing, economics, sustainability, fashion and luxury, and the wine industry.
- Students are matched with a faculty member from their very first weeks in the program who advises them throughout the program.
- The summer internship or consultancy project offers a practical and student-tailored experience, essential for a comprehensive MBA program yet reflective of our international expertise and world-class faculty.

Admissions Requirements

Students admitted to ACM's MBA program must have completed a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (120 units of academic credit) with some proficiency in at least one language other than English. GMAT/GRE scores are not required for admittance but can be submitted at the time of application as supplementary documentation. However, to be considered for merit scholarships, official score reports from either or both tests are required and should be sent to ACM directly from the respective agency. For international applicants who completed their course of study in any language other than English, a minimum TOEFL score of 79 is required. Apply Now!

Degree Requirements

The MBA’s 41 credits are composed of the following:

  • Core courses (23 credits) 
  • Two language and culture courses (6 credits)
  • One elective according to the student’s chosen track (3 credits)
  • January Term Traveling Seminar (3 credits)
  • Summer consultancy/internship project (6 credits)

Core Courses

  • Financial Accounting
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Management
  • Global Marketing
  • International Economics
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Management
  • Intercultural Management
  • Business Law and Ethics in the Global Marketplace

Sample Elective Courses

  • Global Brand Management
  • The Economics of the European Union
  • Luxury Management
  • Socially Responsible and Sustainable Fashion Management
  • Wine Marketing and Analysis
  • Regional Wine Trade and Economics
  • International Wine Trade
  • Wine, Gastronomy, and Sustainability of the Mediterranean

Language and Culture

All candidates are required to take 6 credits of language and culture courses in French, Spanish, or Arabic.  


Early Start (1 Credit)

Students will take the following 500-level, one-credit core course: Intercultural Understanding

Semester 1 (15 Credits)

All students will enroll in four 500-level core courses and choose a language to study during the year to fulfill the language proficiency requirement.

Core Courses

  • Analysis of Business Problems (2 credits)
  • Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics (2 credits)
  • Financial Process/Accounting (2 credits)
  • Strategic Management (2 credits)

  • Global Finance: Implications for Emerging Markets (3 credits)

Language and Culture (3 credits)

Faculty coaching (bi-weekly meetings, 1 credit) 

January Term Traveling Seminar (3 Credits)

All students will participate in a January Term Traveling Seminar between the Fall and Spring semesters, selected from the list below according to their chosen track.

  • International Business (Morocco-Belgium-France)
  • Wine, Gastronomy & Sustainability of the Mediterranean (France-Spain-Italy)

Early Start (1 Credit)

Students will take the following 500-level, one-credit core course: Intercultural Understanding

Semester 2 (15 Credits)

All candidates will take five 500-level core courses and choose one 500-level elective course related to their chosen track.

Core Courses

  • Global Fashion Industry in the Mediterranean (2 credits)
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
  • International Wine Business (2 credits)
  • Global Economics (2 credits) or Cross Cultural Management (2 credits) 
  • International Communication Strategy (3 credits)

Language and Culture (3 credits)

Faculty coaching (bi-weekly meetings, 1 credit)



Starting in the fall semester, students will work with their advisor to compose and submit a prospective consultancy project proposal for approval by their committee. During this process, the student’s advisor will help determine his/her particular track of study depending on the consultancy project’s area of focus. 

Beginning in May of the spring semester, ACM will help students secure internships from ACM’s business network which include corporations of the caliber of Airbus industries and CMA-CGM. Although ACM guides and supports students in this process, each student is responsible for applying and interviewing for the internship. Once the internship begins, students will continue to work closely with their advisor, submitting regular reports throughout the internship. The student will remain in the internship through mid-August and be required to submit a final report upon completion, no later than September 1st.

While students will attend the graduation ceremony in May, they will only receive their diploma upon the submission and successful completion of their consultancy report.

Total = 41 Credits



ACM's faculty is comprised of experts in the fields of international business, diplomacy, environmental policy, and Mediterranean, and European Studies. As academics and professionals, they provide the MBA program with both the academic depth and the real-life experience necessary for a well-rounded Global Business education. 

For questions regarding the program or admissions, please contact ACM's U.S. Office of Admissions at or call 1-800-221-2051.