In order to complete a bachelor's degree at The American College of the Mediterranean, regardless of major or program of study, students must complete the requirements outlined in the General Education Core Curriculum. The Core Curriculum aligns with the mission of ACM, which is to provide excellence in international education, inspire intercultural awareness, and prepare students for success in a global community through the study of European and Mediterranean history, languages, cultures, and contemporary issues. Core courses are in the academic areas considered by ACM faculty to be necessary for a well-rounded liberal arts education. The purpose of these courses is to provide students with a chance to explore diverse subject matter, to think critically through a variety of lenses and viewpoints, to make connections across disciplines, and to become informed and thoughtful global citizens. About 55 units of students' total 124 units of undergraduate study will be Core courses. Certain classes in the student's major area of study may also count toward Core Requirements on a case-by-case basis.

J-Term Component: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) students are required to participate in J-term within their first academic year of enrollment. ACM Students may participate in J-term as many times as they would like, but it is mandatory for BA and MFA students to participate at least once during the first academic year. 

Field Study Component: Field experience is woven throughout all courses at ACM, giving students the ability to make real-world connections, to immerse themselves in the French and surrounding Mediterranean Basin culture, and to learn outside the classroom.

Social Issues in the Global Community: As part of its mission, ACM strives to create global ethical leaders and policy makers in an increasingly interconnected global community.  The site-specificity of ACM allows students to engage in classroom discussions on European, French, Mediterranean, and North African topics facilitated by accomplished and well-traveled faculty.  As a part of ACM’s "Social Issues Across the Curriculum’’ initiative, students and faculty weave topics related to race, class, and gender into everyday discussion both in and out of the classroom.

Core Curriculum Requirements

Language Foundations

  • Foreign Language (French, Arabic, Spanish) - 12 units or fourth-semester competency
  • Composition (English) - 3 units - required cohort course for first-year BA students
  • Literature (Language of choice) - 3 units

Arts and Humanities Foundations

  • History - 6 units
  • Philosophy Ethics (does not include Business Ethics) - 3 units
  • Fine Arts (Photography, Sculpture, Studio Art, Creative Writing, Art History) - 6 units
  • Religious Studies - 3 units

Social Sciences Foundations

  • Behavioral Science (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology) - 3 units
  • Political Science (International Relations, Economics) - 3 units

Math and Sciences Foundations

  • Mathematics - 3 units
  • Physical Science (Geography, Chemistry, Environmental Science) - 3-4 units
  • Life Science (Biology, Ecology) - 3-4 units

Global Diversity Requirement

ACM requires that students take one course (3 units) that is marked with a Global Diversity (GD) distinction during their time at ACM. These courses explore and analyze typically underrepresented groups of people on the global stage, and incorporate international and cross-cultural studies.